"I had the pleasure of working with Donna and benefiting from her extraordinary leadership. She is an innovator who drives best practice within our profession."


"I would describe Donna as a leader that is energetic, committed, passionate and dedicated to patient care and her team. She is innovative in her approach to patient care by using lean thinking methodology."


"Donna maintains a philosophy of patient-centered care and is a strong advocate in that regard. She is forward-thinking and an advocate of lean process improvement from the front line to lead change."


"I strongly recommend Donna Prosser as a forward-thinking leader driving excellence in quality, population health management, and patient and family centered focus. I have been impressed with her Lean Management thinking, as well as Donna's skill at engaging and educating the frontline associates."


"Donna has the brain of a businesswoman, but at her core, she has the compassionate heart and spirit of a nurse. She is incredibly innovative in her approach to patient care and leadership development and never failed to provide the framework and support for out-of-the-box thinking that impacted the patient care delivery model in a tremendous way."


"Donna Prosser is an amazing leader. Her vision was always refreshing and always respected nursing fundamentals. Front line staff always felt comfortable speaking with her and regard her as very approachable. I consider her my personal lean coach as she instructed me on how to use these principals to make very real and meaningful change for clinicians." 

"Donna has one of the brightest minds I've ever come in contact with. Her energy is never-ending and she is sincerely passionate about everything she sets her mind to. The ideas she came up with for solutions were brilliant and she never failed at refocusing everyone back to the patient. Safe, coordinated, quality care of our patients was her top priority."